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I’m not going to go to the full six this time we’re just going to stop it like five gallons so I’m going to use cans and then I’m Gonna fill the rest up of water we’re going to test the acidity the pH we’re going to see what we need to do if atall if any adjustment before we add our yeast.

So we’re going to get right into that here shortly one last thing I wanted to show you and that is several weeks ago when we did a video we did a lot of different ones but we did one in specific on mash turning to vinegar it just isn’t a demonstration or as an example to you this is one that.

I did this is one of the mashes that I Did it’s been sitting here it’s been sitting in the back room for about almost a month and lo and behold it’s not vinegar as we told you it can’t turn to vinegar so if you don’t get to your cash right away when you’re distilling what you may or may not be distilling if that happens it won’t turn to vinegar on you it’ll just sit there.

So don’t worry about it don’t get your calls all the time you know I’m going to hurry I got to get it done because it’ll turn to vinegar that won’t happen some of your wines now you let a wine sit a long long time it could potentially turn to vinegar you know it’s a get that bacteria in there it’ll convert that alcohol and everything else it’ll start to turn to a vinegar another way to do that.

Is to actually introduce the mother which is really another form of a bacteria but it’s called the mother from an apple cider if you introduce that mother in there it will also start to sprout and grow and it will make vinegar so you see you have to actually work at it you have to try to turn thatto vinegar it just doesn’t happen.

All by itself if it smells a little bit funky smells a little bit like ass it’s probably supposed to it’ll be sour if you taste it it’ll be sour it should be sour and it should have a sour pungent odor to it oh one last thing is that that odor and I get this call a lot I want to share this so that everybody could understand.

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