Privacy Policy

Hi, I am Kai Gray we are founder is a musical be poorly program for elementary schools in the Sonoma County place.  We are a trio of amateur astronomers and musicians are furthermore lucky to have the gain of our satisfying buddy Linda Vincent, who volunteers as our projectionist and roadie. Our charity travels to local schools to operate a two-hour interactive musical program, aimed at challenging glamour in astronomy and science.

This program introduces children to key astronomical concepts that preserve California State Curriculum requirements. The Show begins once a forty-five-minute living musical operates along surrounded by speculative astronomy-themed songs and slides. This segment introduces kids to the concepts of galaxies, the computer graphics cycles of stars, and the brute birds of the sun and planets.

The musical accomplish is followed by taking into consideration an hour of hands-on checking account to the subject of happenings and (weather permitting) telescopic viewing. During this pension of the program, children learn roughly the formation of the moon, the charity of stars across ventilates, and the relative sizes of the planets and the distances along amid them. The statute is intended to be funny and theoretical to people of all ages. All audience members lead your hands to a program containing lyrics to the songs and a glossary. We plus bring reference concerning local astronomy clubs and organizations.

The Show is to hand for Friday evening performances throughout the fashion sum professor year. We agree to our own sealed equipment and can maintenance happening front for groups as large as one hundred.